About Hubbell Farm

On November 1, 1978, we purchased the 80 acre Pete and Bernadine Galla Farm in beautiful rolling Leelanau County, Michigan. Part of our �purchase price� was the promise to Pete Galla to continue to farm the land.

We have focused our production model on providing service to those who, like us, strive to put up their food seasonally. We forward contract the animals in the spring for that year. Most of our customers have one or two freezers for food storage and preservation.

Contracting with our customers at the beginning of the year provides a stable market for our animals. That allows us to purchase our inputs at the beginning of the season so that we can commit to a price which is fair to both of us. It also allows our customers to �own� their own farm animals. We encourage you to bring your family and see �your� animals and how they are raised.