Beef and Veal

We raise Holstein (black and white) beef steers. The taste is superb and because we butcher them at about 18 months of age, very tender. They are a by-product of the dairy industry and as such the breed produces a beef which is much lower in fat than typical beef but as a result has less “marbling” (fat within the meat) which forms the basis of USDA Prime and Choice designations. We all get more than enough fat in our diet, so a little less in our meat must have positive health benefits.

We buy our beef steers in the spring. They spend the rest of the year on the best pasture we can create and are available after October. We find that the fall rains provide an ideal growth period for the grass, legumes and native plants in the pasture. Finishing the steers on this rich green salad creates a premier product.

The beef is available by the quarter, half or whole. It is humanely killed on the farm without the stress and trauma due to trucking, holding pens, etc. It is custom processed to your specifications and needs by a local butcher.

We have our own Jersey cow who gives us milk, butter and cheese. She produces more than we can use. We also raise a limited number of milk fed veal. These veal are not contained in a small compartment and fed milk substitute. They are fed whole milk, fresh from the cow and have the opportunity to live out their life in a healthy open environment.