Organic Farming at Hubbell Farm

Many potential customers ask if we are certified organic. Although we support organic and sustainable principles we are not. We are, however, as close to being organic as possible since the animals we raise feed our own children and grandchildren.

We have not sought organic certification because we don’t believe it is fair to your animals. For example, “organic” forbids the use of antibiotics to treat illness. While we certainly make every reasonable effort to raise your animals in a safe and healthy environment – they like us – sometimes get sick. Denying them medical treatment in order to meet some artificial standard seems too rigid and against their best interest.

Of course we avoid any unnecessary use of antibiotics, and don’t use hormone treatments in our meat animals. We also believe that genetic engineering is playing with forces we do not sufficiently understand and is being promoted by the same forces that brought us Thalidomide and DDT.

We use the term “pasteurized” to emphasize that your animals are raised in the open environment. They feel the sun on their back, the wind in their hair or feathers, the rain on their face and the earth beneath their feet.

This model is best for the animals and the land. It is the way they were created to live out their lives. We can’t claim your animals will stop global warming or cure the common cold but we do believe this method of animal husbandry has benefits that we cannot yet measure.