Chicken and Turkeys

Once the chicks are hardy enough (3-4 weeks of age) they are transferred to portable pens which are moved each day for a fresh pasture experience. They are fed whole grains and a protein/mineral mix free choice along with access to daily fresh pasture. They are humanly butchered at about 8 weeks of age. One of the things we have noticed is that this meat is firm without being tough. This is as a result of the diet and exercise they receive every day. The fat is primarily located outside of the meat and is not marbleized in the meat as commercial poultry often is. They dress out on average about 5 pounds each. We usually butcher about once a month through the season.

The turkeys are raised separately from the chickens but using the same methods. They are kept for approximately 14 weeks and average 20 pounds. We typically butcher them the weekend before Thanksgiving so they are fresh never frozen for your holiday meal.