The pigs are purchased as weanlings from a local producer. They are fed whole corn, garden scraps, pasture and crop residue.

Some of your pigs act as four footed tractors working up the land in preparation for next year’s planting. They do the job of plowing sod, eating weeds and fitting the soil that we have found. Plus they have a ball doing it. It is such a kick to see them rotated to a fresh plot and the zest with which they approach their job. They run and jump and snort and then dig and dig.

Other pigs act as the “front end loaders” of our compost operation. Any of you who have made compost know how much work there is in turning and mixing the compost to keep it working. A pig is designed to root and in the process does the “heavy lifting” of compost production.

We bury a column of shelled corn in the compost heap each day. The pigs just love to dig to bottom for that last kernel and also discover whatever other goodies are there. The result is dark rich compost and healthy vital pigs.